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Down in the hollers of Southwest VA, a group of intergalactic space travelers are embarking on a voyage of the cosmos aboard a space train of sounds.  Using precision tuned instruments,   they navigate the solar systems of consciousness.

We’re a group of friends doing what we enjoy.  We have a somewhat broad range of musical tastes, and those influences are present in our music. Most importantly, we like the vibe.  Join us on the space train and let’s transcend the bounds of reality together.

Bassist Thomas Dickens grew up in SW VA and began playing music with drummer Jamie Forrest in high school over 20 years ago.  Thomas was active in Jazz band in high school, and his broad range of influences show through his groovy bass lines.

Drummer Jamie Forrest grew up in SW VA as well, forming musical groups since high school.  Jamie recorded drums for the Kapluckus album, Endless Space, shortly after high school.  

Guitarist and lead vocalist Noah Broe grew up in Florida, but has lived many places throughout his journey through life.  Noah has been playing guitar for over 20 years, and brings a wealth of songs and creativity to the band. Noah has played in bands as well as solo for many years.

Guitarist Colin Cospel grew up on the Eastern Shore of VA, but has lived in SW VA all of his adult life.  Colin has been playing guitar for over 20 years.  Colin started playing music in school band starting in middle school, and began forming rock bands in high school. 

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